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MLK Quote

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

For the Future Generations

She was waiting for us; or perhaps, we were waiting for her - the old colonial house of 1910 in Boonton, New Jersey?

We were looking into buying our first house in the late spring/early summer of 2009, and had been concentrating on areas that we knew or heard about - Morristown, Dover, Parsippany, Chatham, Madison and Denville. We were not even aware of a town named Boonton in New Jersey. We were almost on the verge of buying a house in Parsippany before it slipped through our fingers. Like the way a bridegroom is being taken, in older conservative cultures, from one house to the other to see, weigh in, admire or reject brides, our realtor was taking us from one house to another, some small, some too big, some with a swimming pool or very little land, and nothing was appealing to us.

Then, we came to see her and behold, it was love in first sight - the charming cosy house, neither too little nor too big with a big lawn at the back, a long driveway and a charming garden and lawn at the front.

Now, we are not only in love with our house, but also with this old and historical town Boonton. So, I am starting this blog with the hope of recording and documenting the present Boonton for future generations to come and learn about us.


  1. any pictures of this pretty little house you describe?

  2. Can't publish it online as it will then become too obvious about who I am :-P