MLK Quote

MLK Quote

Nature's Inspiration Movie -- Nature's Inspiration Movie: The photographs in this short video are from award-winning photographer, Ken Jenkins, and they are breathtaking. However, this video is much more than beautiful photographs! Peggy Anderson has compiled beautiful quotations from the likes of Emerson, Thoreau, and many others that truly capture the beauty of nature and solitude. Absolute must watch for nature lovers.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


The picture was taken in December when it was cold and snow everywhere. Most (or should I say all) of the lampposts in Boonton look like this and I really love this old-looking lampposts. The lamppost is located on the Washington Bridge and underneath and behind it is the Boonton Water Reservoir. A little history about Boonton from the book Boonton, the Gem of Mountains by Edward J. Cahill :

The natural beauties of Boonton lead many to believe that they were the reasons for its selection for a town site. However, such is not the case; it was the building of the Morris Canal and the iron in the adjacent mountains to the north that led the New Jersey Iron Company to select Boonton as the place to locate its iron works. Boonton dates as a settlement back to 1825, although the first settler of whom we have any knowledge in what is now Boonton was Christian Loweree, who built his little house in 1766 on the side of sunset Hill, where is now the corner of Barnet Street and Woodside Avenue..........The original settlement, called Old Boonton, and located about 500 feet south from the corner of the Washington Street Bridge, the site of which is now 90 feet under the water of the Jersey City Reservoir, was a settlement of over 200 years ago. Old Boonton was first named Boone-Town after Thomas Boone, Governor of the province of New Jersey, 1760, '61, '62 and a friend of David Ogden of Newark, the original owner of the tract.

The above book was original published in 1910.

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