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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Leap Day

Yesterday was a special day; comes only after every four years. So, I am writing it now; it would be fun to read on the leap day, after four years in 2016. Hopefully, by that time I will have lots of gardening experiences.

I didn't have any plan to celebrate the day in any special way, but something was nagging me to do it. And celebration can only happen (at least for now; I am wondering how long this will go as I have a habit of not sticking with anything for a long time) if it involves plants and gardens. And, the result is this mini-rose-plant

I got it from the grocery store. It's in a six inch pot and only costs $6.99. I fell in love with the color of the rose. I have seen yellow, pink and red roses, but never this lavender-color rose. Here are two more pictures; the second picture gives a much better picture of the color of the rose.

We also had some light snow yesterday; everything got dusted with snow. Here are two pictures. The first picture is part of our garden and as you can see it so barren. It only had those evergreen trees, planted by previous owners I don't understand the obsession of people with these types of evergreens. Okay, it gives some green during winter but why use evergreen everywhere. The green can be achieved through Hollies, many types of Azaleas, Rhododendrons, plants with unique characteristics; screens and hedges can be created through edible landscapes, using various edible native berry plants. Human beings and animals, both can enjoy the trees and the fruits. So, I am trying to give some characteristics to the garden. I am creating raised beds; beds for strawberries and herbs; planting fruit plants, flower plants, vines; hanging baskets, propping up pots here and there. The process has started. The second picture shows some of the raised beds with the snow dusting.

The tree in the middle is a pear tree. The fruits are really sweet but we never get to eat them as they are destroyed by birds and squirrels.


  1. That's a pity that you can't get the fruits. That would really bug me. Have you tried netting them?

  2. That is a lovely looking rose and worth the feature :)

  3. The tree in the center is the really tall one? We lived in a home with a very old, tall pear tree, we had to use a ladder or wait for the fruit to fall. If it falls it is ripe and must be used right away, if we picked any green then we could store them for a bit. Mostly we ended up fighting the wasps for the ripe fruit oh and the squirrels!
    Lovely rose you picked out, the color is peaceful.
    It's always enjoyable to put in new garden beds.

  4. It will be so much fun for you to look at these pictures in four years and realize how much has changed in your garden! Good luck realizing the garden of your dreams!

  5. Nice lavender miniature rose! Do you intend to plant it out into the garden, later on? Great to see some "whole body pictures" of your garden. You have plenty of space to play with...

  6. You have picked up a very beautiful rose. Good luck with your raised beds. You really have so much space in your garden. If you plant wisely you can go completely self sufficient on store bought vegetables.

  7. Bridge, the tree is really tall; no way to net them :-(

    Mark and Gaz: Thank you :-).

    Bakinggarb: same problem here - the tree is really tall. By the time the fruits fall on the ground, they have been half-eaten, discarded, poked, etc, etc, by birds and squirrels.

    HolleyGarden: that's what I am hoping to do. Hopefully the next four years will also be nice as the last four years have been :-).

    Christina: I am hoping to keep this in the container and move around and decorate the garden with some nice pots and planters and etc. That's still not a "whole-body picture" :-), only a sizeable portion.

    Sri: It's true we have quite a bit of land in both back, front and sides of the house. If we remove all those grass which are still there after so many raised beds and greenhouses and use them for food-production, then we will become extremely self-sufficient; perhaps we would be able to feed some of our neighbors :-).