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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Captain Nemo

Why do I write blogs? I often wonder. I started writing blogs long time back, around 2004, when it was becoming popular. My original blogs are no longer active and I have removed them from public eyes. Then there was a long hiatus when I didn't write blogs, rather was busy in graduating, getting the first job and buying our first house. I resumed blogging again in 2010. This blog was originally about the lovely town Boonton where I live, but then it evolved into my gardening blog.

I first started writing a blog because I love reading and writing; I always dreamed of, and still dream of, becoming a reputed author. I can write professionally with extempore and metaphor, in flowery language in my mother tongue Bengali, but not in English. Blogging gave me the opportunity to practice writing in English, and learning from reading other blogs. Blogging also became to me like an appetizer - as people came, read the blog and left comments - satiating the taste bud of a budding writer on the way to becoming an author.

As with anything else, my reasons for blogging also evolved. Blogging has become a way to connecting with people around the world, getting a glimpse into their lives and mind, developing a kind of kinship, and becoming part of bloggerhood. Garden-blogging also allows me to connect with like-minded people, learn from their experiences and knowledge, keep a diary of my garden as it and my gardening skills evolve, share my experience and knowledge with other novice gardeners out there, and gather in one place all the wisdom that I gain about gardening and farming. There must be other reasons which my conscious mind does not know, but the subconscious one knows.

Why am I writing all these and what has all these got to do with Captain Nemo? Well, today Nemo attacked us and dumped about 1.5 feet of snow. It was not that bad compared to 30 inch snow accumulation that Long Island, NY has - many of our friends there cannot even get out of their houses as the front doors are blocked by walls of snow. Secondly, I can't do much gardening now, except growing some seedlings, and thus can't write much about gardening. So, here are some photos of Captain Nemo in our neighborhood.

Anyone wants big white wedding cakes? They are freely available from our deck :-). The evergreens bent down with snow. The roof of the new greenhouse is holding out nicely.
New ice-cream cones -- birdfeeder cones -- are available on market! A glimpse of our backyard. Pretty boring, huh!
. The tunnel-like indentations that you see on the field is actually the potato-bed with small hoops on top of them; the right side of the backyard; the left side of the backyard
Beautiful sculpture sculpted by Nemo. My big-and-wild boy, originally from Georgia, who loves to play in snow. The front porch.

Why do you blog?


  1. Awesome post and pictures :-)

  2. That's some snow fall!! Your forecasters were right and ours were wrong - I didn't get the snow they predicted!
    I do hope there isn't too much damage done to your plants. Don't you think that a garden covered in snow looks so peaceful.

  3. Oops - meant to add -
    I started blogging as a way to record what was happening in my garden.
    Like most things I've done in life - I jumped in with both feet and gave it no consideration whatsoever!!
    I'm hoping that I'll get better as I go along!

  4. Angie, your blog is already superb. How much beautiful you want it more :-)? But, yes please keep on blogging - it feels so fantastic to have connections with people from around the world listen to their stories. I love snow and the sceneries with snow. I just wish that there were many more elements in our garden to give it that wild look when snow fell.

  5. I hope you are all right with the snow, we have heard on the news over here about all the snow on the east coast of US. I am from Norway and I can really appreciate what a ton of snow does, and how much work it is to clear! I have lived in London the last 13 years and really like the climate and way of gardening here.

    I started my blog to have a record of everything I did in my garden and another place to keep my pictures, in addition to my website. Then I discovered Blotanical and got a lot of friends there, and the ball started rolling. After 2 years of blogging I can truly say I am hooked and for me, as being housebound, it is also an important social aspect.

  6. Hi KL, we saw on the news last night about all the snow, cars and houses being buried and I thank my lucky stars that we are living here with no snow. Hope you are able to get out and about. Your dog looks a bit cold too, even though he likes to play in it.

  7. Love the pattern of the snow on that bottom photo. And your dog is adorable. I don't think he likes the cold and wants to come in! I, too, am amazed at how wonderful the blogging community is, and how nice it has been to "meet" people all over the world with a shared passion. Stay warm!

  8. Now that is a long way from typical Bengali weather (well what I presume Bengalli weather to be anyway). As for why I blog - partially its to keep my mind active, partially its because I am obsessed with the garden and I get to talk with similarly obsessed people rather than boring my friends about it, partially because I enjoy the process of writing and partially because I enjoy connecting with people like you who are under all that snow while I sit here in a light summer dress wondering whether of not to turn on the air conditioning.

  9. Those are beautiful photos, KL. I hope you are all OK and that you have cleared the snow off your greenhouse roof.

    I read blogs because unlike Liz, I am wearing nearly every item of clothing I possess and I need to know that somewhere, someone is harvesting food and that the sun is still shining for them. I also want to keep learning about new things. The blogging community has been a wonderful surprise - I didn't realise how supportive everyone would be.

    I write a blog because I love writing.

  10. Lovely photos, the snow is such a pretty site and the good thing about the snow is that it eventually it melts.

    I take way too many photos so started the garden blog - I also have a gluten free food blog because I am gluten free!

  11. Angie -- good that you didn't get the snow predicted. I am getting a bit tired of the snow now because it's melting, everything is becoming muddy and mushy, and the dogs are bringing that inside the house. Can't wait for spring.

    Helene - Thank you for the warm concern. We are fine thought people in Long Island (about 70 miles from here) are still struggling with getting their cars from under the snow. However, we don't get snow like that you all experience in Norway. One day I would love to visit that country.

    Karen -- thank you :-). He might feel cold but he does not show that at all; in fact, he loves to roll around in the snow!! I feel cold seeing him.

    HolleyGarden -- you are true about the blogging community. Why is it that we love each other when are such distance apart, but face-to-face we might fight? Human nature, I guess. are wrong about Matt. He never likes to come in. He is an Australian Shepherd and Border Collie mix and thus always want to be outside!!

    Liz -- you are perfectly correct about Bengali weather :-). It is indeed long way. In Bengal, winter means temperature hovering around 10 - 15 degree centrigrade -- that's almost the summer temperature here in Northern NJ!!

    Gardening Shoe -- Thank You :-). Don't you worry - when it is summertime for you and me, Liz and many people in the world will be wearing many pieces of clothes.

    Barb Yingst -- thank you :-). I am glad that the snow will melt. But, the way the world's climate is going, who knows what's going to happen in the next 10-15 years.