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Friday, December 11, 2015

The Wrap of 2015

Another year is coming to an end, and I'm growing one more year younger and wiser. Don't you think that's a much wiser attitude to have instead of lamenting for growing one year older? Anyway, time and age are all relative; in some planets, our earthly years would be equivalent to thousands of years; in another, it will be only couple of days. I'm actually excited that the year is coming to an end as that means that I can start looking forward to spring. But, alas winter didn't come this year; rather an eternal spring is here since October. I hope I get to see this bad anomaly for the first and last time this year. Winter snows fill up our reservoirs and groundwater which not only nourishes us but also all the plants and trees and nature; winter snow kills all the bad invasive bugs. But this year there has not only been no snows but temperature has not also gone down to freezing. It's hovering between 40 and 50 degree Fahrenheit. Such spring-like atmosphere has thrown everything into chaos. Now and then, I see bees buzzing; roses are putting out new growth and blooming; there are still quite a few flowers here and there; everything is still green; some trees which shed all their leaves during winter have not yet shed them. Here are roses, saffron-crocus, honeysuckle and calendula blooming in the middle of December!!!

Here are some blooms that were still blooming till the end of November. It's incredible as being in zone 6 things usually die down by the end of October. I also managed to harvest the last eggplant on November 26 along with many tomatoes!!!

These were some of the many blooms in October. This is a first time in my garden that so many flowers were still blooming throughout the October. Many different kinds of bees are out until the end of October, and my garden was able to provide food for them.
All the blooms due to the fact that I went overboard this year in ordering and planting newer plants. I bought and planted so many perennials that I have lost track of all the things that I've brought. So, here is a partial list:
  • Territorial Seed Company: Golden Jubilee Anise Hyssop, Grosso Lavender, Violet Intrigue Lavender, Provence Lavender, Arp Rosemary, Irene Rosemary
  • Monticello: Black Cohosh, Maltese Cross, Spiny Bear's Breeches
  • Holland Bulb Farm: Blue Eddy Allium, Russel Hybrid Lupine, Mixed Gladiolus
  • Breck's: Baby Joe Mist, Fire King Crocosmia, Fragrant Fire Hosta, Hosta Mixture (10 plants)
  • Burpee: begonia picotee mix, Coreopsis Heaven's Gate, Gaura Rosy Jane, Veronica Charlotte, Sedum Forsterianum Oracle, Sedum Sunsparkler Lime, Sedum Sunsparkler Cherry Tart, Echinacea Sombrero Flamenco Orange, tea-plant
  • Henry's Field: Red Penstemon, Great Blue Cardinal
  • Gurney's: Russian Sage, Spiderwort Mix, Painted Daisy, Hansen's Bush Cherry, Tall Phlox Mix, Astilbe Mix, Hardy Carnation Mix, Helleborus Winter Thrillers
  • Streambank Gardens: Bergenia Winter Glow, Lobelia Fan Salmon, Veronica Incana Silbersee, Lavender Phenomenal, Lobelia Siphilitica Great Blue, Knautia Macedonia Great Knight, Eupatorium Rugosm Chocolate, Agastache Raspberry Daiquiri, Agastache Apricot Sprite
  • Tulip World: Autumn Joy Sedum
  • Prairie Nursery: Smooth Penstemon, Sweet Black Eyed Susan (Rudbeckia Subtomentosa -- now this one is different from just Black Eyed Susan; Black Eyed Susans are biennial; they seems perennial because they re-seed themselves a lot; whereas this Rudbeckia is a perennial and as a matured plant, it will be like 4 feet tall and 4-5 feet wide), Cupplant, Queen of the Prairie, Royal Catchfly, Prairie Smoke
  • Select Seeds: Heliotrope White, Night Phlox Midnight Candy, Tobacco Cranberry Isles, Sea Holly Big Blue, Primrose Cowslip, Cosmos Chocamocha, Verbena Blue Princess, Tansy Isla Gold

I've also planted three more different kinds of roses. The Floribunda Orchid Romance, one of the roses, has other-worldly fragrance -- cinnamon, spices, citrus, lavender -- all beautiful fragrance combined together in this one rose. I've also grown calendula and sweet-pea, from seeds, for the first time. Who knew sweet pea can have such beautiful fragrance and the flowers look so pretty and dainty. I harvested the calendula flowers, and used them in making salve and body oil. And, of course lots of sunflowers were planted that I grew from seeds. I love sunflowers. Also planted tuberose bulbs. Tuberose have beautiful fragrant; the white spikes of flowers look elegant. And the bulbs multiply fast. One bulb will produce at least 3-4 bigger bulbs and numerous smaller bulbs. The only problem is you need to dig out the bulbs in the winter. They will not survive the winter here. Also, I planted out 12 Russian Compfrey. The Russian Comfrey, unlike the other compfrey, will not become invasive. The leaves of the compfrey will be used to make fertilizer. And, I also bought tuberous grafted begonia. The flowers not only look beautiful but they also have similarly beautiful fragrance. And, the plant is perennial as long as you remember to bring it inside the house during winter.
I have also planted more than two hundred bulbs. So, here is the list of bulbs:
  • Blue Star Hyacinth, Aiolos Hyacinth, Andorra Fragrant Hyacinth, Gipsy Princess Hyacinth, Gipsy Queen Hyacinth, Splendid Cornelia Hyacinth, Pink Pearl Hyacinth, Yellow Queen Hyacinth, Mixed Checkered Lily Fritillaria, Persia Purple Fritillaria, Giant Mixed Crocus, Crocus Sativus (they have become my own source of saffron), King Alfred Daffodil, Spring Larkspur, Fire Cracker in the Sky Mixture, Winter Aconite, Woodstock Hyacinth, Mountain Bells Mixture, Carnegie Hyacinth (I hope you are getting the idea that I love hyacinths), quail daffodil, Chopin Crown Imperial, Blue Melody Camassia, Poppy Anemone Burgundy, Free Stargazer Lily, Red Dynasty Tulip and I hope that I've not missed any

Here are pictures of some of the many blooms of 2015. I have not put up pictures of all the blooms as there were just too many to choose from. Many of them were planted this year only. Their gorgeousness will be revealed in coming years, and I'm eagerly looking forward to them. I will put up more posts as they mature over the years. So, please stay tuned to that. I am now growing winter vegetables and enjoying this mild weather. Planning for 2016 will start as the Christmas vacation commences, and I can hardly wait. But it is the season of happiness and rejoicing, spending time with friends and families. I have not only been spending time quality with my friends from all over the world but also spending time thinking about the garden of 2015 -- all the fragrance that I smelled; beautiful blooms that I behold; and enjoyed watching all the critters, animals and birds that came in for food, nectar and nest materials. This is also the season of reflection and quite thoughts. I am joining the Seasonal Celebration hosted by Garden Eye's View and Nature Notes hosted by Rambling Woods.


  1. Nice to see you... I had already closed the link, made the collage and part of the new nature notes post for next week this morning. I can add you in on Monday and then somebody will have a chance to visit as they won't see it now if that is OK with you... I need to try to remember what I planted this year...before I forget... Michelle

    1. Yes KL...the orange tabby is my cat Ollie and I have his brother Elliott too.... Michelle

  2. Stunning flowers .... I remember a few times when we had fresh from the garden tomatoes on our Thanksgiving table ( when we had our home in Oregon and gardened ... Our past life;)). Territorial Seed Company is in our home county in Oregon by the way!

    Thanks for showing your beautiful results of your very green thumb! Everything is beautiful.

  3. I can see you have been busy in 2015! I suppose your climate has been closer to the winter we have here in Britain so far, but winter can still bite back with lots of snow and cold weather –not over yet for either of us, although I don’t think I will get any snow :-)

  4. My favorite is the blue hydrangea! You planted more than 200 bulbs - o my, you're a pro!

  5. Many beautiful flowers and a lovely variety of color. Great photos!

  6. Hi, KL!
    You were very busy this year, weren't you? I love the bulbs you planted, as hyacinths,lilies, Fritillaria, crocus. All theses ones are growing in my garden as well, but in zone 5a. You're surprised the mild weather in November, so am I. We here have +5 C in December! Snow melted.
    Merry Christmas!

  7. My goodness you were busy! Look at all the beauty you've added to the garden...I can't wait to see how winter plays out...a bit scary with this eternal warmth. We have a some freezes so it will keep some things in check, but oh the weeds are multiplying as I type. Thanks for joining Seasonal Celebrations as winter begins and we dream of the coming spring.

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  9. Wonderful shots! Enjoy the festive season.

  10. Thank you so much for your nice comment on my blog!
    I am so happy that you got the rose bug, too ;-)! Roses are sooo... rewarding to grow and I am seeing some really nice roses in this post.
    Gosh, I am amazed how much you got planted in one year. Your garden will be absolutely wonderful next spring!
    Wishing you Happy Holidays!
    Warm regards,

  11. Wow, you certainly have been a busy bee, KL!

    Congrats on all the new plants you've added to your garden. Looks like you've taken a beautiful place and made it even MORE beautiful :) :)

  12. Hi KL. I noticed that you have a widget for the Calendar of Blog Memes which correctly links to my site: , but also says that it's maintained by Carol of May Dreams Gardens, which is not correct. Could you please remove that header, so that there is no confusion.

  13. What a beautiful flowers. I'd really wanna have some in my garden. I can just imagine how amazing your harden looks!

  14. That apricot-colored rose on the left is just beautiful. I also planted comfrey this year for the first time, I really liked the blue flowers. Not sure if it is Russian or not. Seems like you had a fine close to your gardening year!

  15. Looks like a beautiful garden! And such a great attitude about each New Year! I agree! Thinking in terms of opportunity instead of loss is always preferable!!!