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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Wordless Post -- Flowers Blooming In My Garden

Those of you who are regular visitors to my blog know that I usually write long blog posts. Pictures worth thousand words. So, I will just present these beauties without much description or details. I will only mention their names and few tid-bits now and then. I'm joining in the memes hosted by Nature Notes hosted by Rambling WoodsSt Germain's and Today's Flowers meme.

Triteleia Queen Fabiola

Bearded Iris


Small Allium -- A. oreophilum, moly, neapolitanum

Small Allium -- A. oreophilum, moly, neapolitanum

Rose with a mild fragrance


Native Virginia Rose -- it has a mind-blowing fragrance, and the plant spreads. A tiny plant can easily spread to three-four feet or more and the whole plant gets covered with these open-blooming intoxicatingly fragrant flowers. Bees and butterflies love them.

More roses but not native. It flowers through-out the late-spring to till frost. 

Big Tall Allium Flowers

This is in one of my neighbor's lawn -- a collection of dandelion. I love Dandelion flowers and thus could not help but take a picture and post it

This combination happened without any thoughts. There were not much space left and thus I put the roses and the catmint side by side, last year. This year I'm finding the blue catmint flowers and the peachy/pink/yellowish rose flowers a phenomenal combination. Together they are looking so gorgeous though I could not capture it in picture

More roses

Chrysanthemum Matchstick

White Allium Flower


Mushrooms are my another favorite thing. Isn't the orange lines on their head beautiful? 

More mushrooms

Primroses still blooming in the shade

Firecracker Flowers

Some kind of Gaillardia flower

This is either Lobelia or Delphinium (forgotten which one) flower that's coming into bloom. 

Veronica flowers coming into bloom


A very lonely scabiosa. I hope the plant gets more flowers soon. 


  1. So many beautiful flowers! I love the combination :)

  2. You ask about WATW. It's meaning Wednesday around the World. Thank you for your nice comments, visiting my Tour-Blog... 😊
    On the right side is the possibility to translation the post, by the way, if you like to read in english.

  3. These are all awesome! Wow! Have a beautiful day!

  4. Goodness - what a lot you've got!
    So much variation in shape and colour.
    BTW, the blue flower looks like a delphinium - as it has spurs.
    I'd love to see some overviews of this great garden of yours.
    [jo - pink ice]

    1. BTW, did we talk about geraniums a while back? I found a new one this week. Pretty but not planted by me. A type of geranium macrorrhizum in a much darker pink than the one I already have all over the place. This must be a hybrid. Always so nice to find a gift like that. And also a striped one showed up. I'm sure it was you who told me about yours. maybe not.

  5. Gorgeous flowers, so many pretty colors. I liked those interesting mushrooms also. Thank you for sharing them with Today's Flowers. Happy weekend to you :)

  6. Oh what a wonderful colorful bouquet you have given us -- your flowers are stunning. I love mushrooms too and those are definitely top-rated ones! Lovely post. Thank you.

  7. This is a beautiful and enviable series you linked up to SEASONS - thanks a bunch! Love the small Allium, yes, beautiful mushrooms (at he same time as the blooms?), and the Triteleia especially! Fabiola was my favorite when she was queen (of course next to the Dutch queen)
    Yes, enjoy your rank of expert-ness (teasing)! Have a great week.

  8. Wow you have a wonderful variety of flowers in your garden. They are all just so pretty. I like the Firecracker flowers, so different.

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  10. Wow, lots of flowers KL. I enjoyed getting to learn more flower names as I don't know that many yet... Michelle

  11. Your garden is wonderful KL! Lovely pink roses, but this kind of mushrooms is poisonous, take care.