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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Who Is Invading My Garden?

Someone is coming to my garden, and destroying the fence and bird-feeder poles. I live in one of those dark-brown (almost blackish) areas of the map (below). So, no wonder bears come to our garden though it is quite an urban area (population more than 10,000; NYC skyline can be seen from here on a bright day, and NYC is about 20-25 minutes, thus 20-25 miles, away). But previously they used to climb the garden fence, but now they are ripping them off as shown in the second picture.

What do you think? Done by bears? Or something else? Raccoons, coyotes, foxes, will not have that much strength to rip apart solid wooden fences like that, I think. If bears, then why are they not climbing the small fence which they used to do? Is it a baby bear who does not know? Or it is a mother bear with cubs and the cubs are breaking apart the fences?

I hung my bird-feeders on iron-poles. Now, these poles are really strong. We will not be able to bend them unless we are like superhuman. But note how they are completely bent and destroyed. So, that's again arousing my suspicion if it is a bear since these poles are not that tall (say 4 -- 5 feet). A bear can easily stand on its hind legs and eat from the feeders as shown in the picture below. This picture was taken during the summer of 2016.

I have to now think how to provide food for my feather friends. For the time being, I am giving them suet, and hanging the suet basket in our upper deck. Hopefully, a bear will not come there.

This is end of November. Bears should be hibernating now. So, I did some online search. Apparently bears in NJ DO NOT HIBERNATE; they GO INTO TORPOR!! Hibernation means metabolism rates slow down, the animal does not have to eat, drink or defecate, and it goes into deep slumber and thus not aware of its surroundings. Torpor means metabolism rate goes down; animals do not have to eat, drink or defecate (and even if it has to, it will do so in small amount), and it sleeps but very much aware of its surroundings. Thus, we might be trekking in wilderness, during winter, thinking there are no bears; but the bears are in torpor, become very much aware of our presence and thus move out of our way. Only Mother Bears who are going to give birth or who has little babies get into dens during winter. Otherwise, they sleep/torpor among tall grasses/bush/wild-areas/meadows/fallen trees, during winter, in NJ. Though it is the largest land mammal in NJ, but it is very much scared of humans, dogs and other loud, banging noises. Bear population is steadily increasing in NJ. It being one of the most densely populated states of the USA, bears and humans practically coexist side by side. Sadly, many of them are hunted down, during summer, to keep their population at a steady level. I absolutely hate this and so much against it. Are we going to hunt down humans because our population is rising? So, who gives us the right to do so to another species? I am hoping that with a Democratic Governor (for non-American visitors to my blog, Democrats are usually pro-animal/nature/climate/environment; Republicans are usually completely against all of those) elected in NJ, bear-hunting will be stopped.

I think this year bears have not even gone into torpor. With temperature in fifties during day time, whole nature is confused. Thus, I saw a Dandellion blooming today (seeing it for the first time a Dandellion blooming at the end of November). Climate Change is very real.

I'm joining in the memes hosted by Eileen,  Rambling WoodsSt Germain's meme.


  1. Hello, that is some damage. I would like to see a bear, just not destroying my yard. My link for Saturday's Critters will up on on Saturday morning. I hope to see you joining in. Thanks for your visit and comment. Have a happy day!

  2. KL..Tina (Camera Girl) and her husband were killed in a car accident about a year ago.. Horrible and tragic....Michelle

  3. You're clever (of course you knew that already:)) I never thought of garden art - landscaping as I have seen it in Southern California, is a real art, and I wish I knew more about it. But I would welcome landscaping art wholeheartedly. As I have read the comments, I think at first one a month gives more time for everyone.
    To reiterate, the first time to link up is Friday December 8 in a Weekend Journal Page post with your url in your comment.
    About the blue and white in Dutch ceramics - there are probably some historians who know the finer details, but what first comes to mind is the blue and white Delft blue ceramics, hand made made in Delft. Real Delft blue becomes more intense blue over time, instead of fading. It was very popular in Holland the generation before me - everyone had a few pieces in their home. Now,it's more touristic nostalgia, like the wooden shoes.

    About your present post: I think a bear swipe would have loosened that metal piece there too! A few weeks ago,a neighbor warned us, there were bear droppings in her yard, and some garbage bins were overturned. Then hubby remembered wondering why the hinges were off the metal fence - and the fence was open. A deer would jump over the fence. I "know" what I should do with a bear sighting, but for a city person like I, it's still very intimidating. We thought that one of the 20 fires burning in the summer might have misplaced the bear.

  4. Hello, once again - because your earlier comment, and I forgot to check All Seasons yesterday night!
    Yes, you entered All Seasons correctly, and thanks so much for participating. If I'm not mistaken, wasn't it because of All Seasons, you started coming to my blog last year? Hope you will be able stay for a while in blog land. I like chatting with you. There are not many doctoral people among bloggers - of course, I would not have said "no" if I would have gotten a research grant:):)

  5. Yikes, bears! I receive regular visits from raccoons and skunks; squirrels live here permanently (even when I take down the bird feeders); coyotes roam the neighborhood; and I even get periodic visits from peacocks but I do not have anything as large - or as destructive - as a bear. They're present in the larger Los Angeles County area but we're too far from the foothill and mountain areas they prefer. Best wishes managing around the problem!

  6. We have raccoons here and I take in the feeders at night or they will come and they have bent up my metal ones. Maybe have one feeder in at dusk and out in the morning till it gets colder and they will be less likely to be up and around.. Michelle

  7. You could try suspending a rope from two trees, making sure that the feeders are above the reach of the bears. You will need a way to lower and raise the rope to add food to the feeders ....