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Thursday, February 8, 2018

An epic battle has started; the battle between spring and winter. As spring peeks from around the corner, winter jumps back into the arena with mighty force.

A bright blue spring sky with temperature in fifties. 

On such spring days, I see the squirrels clambering up and down the trees, licking, sucking and tugging at the bark. Do they eat bark? Or are they eating something that's there on the bark? Anyone knows? 

Strong gusty wind and blankets of white snows are the weapons she employs first, followed by icy rain and sleets.

A Caroline Wren (or just a wren) enjoying the winter. It is a gorgeous bird with a upright, pointy tail, round body and sharp beak. It loves suet, and prefers it over black sunflower seed. 

What Mother Earth takes thousands of years to create, feisty Winter creates the Stalactites by the sides of houses, on tree trunks in a matter of minute.

The sparkling diamonds are actually smaller sized stalactites on the branches. 
More Stalactites by the side of the house. 

Spring loses; winter wins, and the birds gather around feeders to survive the winter.

European Sterlings on the suet-feeder. Many people are opposed to feeding these birds as they are not native. I cannot control who comes to my feeders, and I do not mind these birds. It was not their fault that they got introduced into this country. They also need to eat and survive. But, when this flock comes to a feeder, they finish everything within a matter of minutes. 

I'm joining in the memes hosted by Rambling WoodsSt Germain's , and My Views of NZ.


  1. Hello, love your sweet wren. We had an ice storm this past week, freezing rain and sleet. I was happy we did not loose our power. I have seen the starlings finish off the food, they come in such big groups. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day and weekend ahead!

  2. Gorgeous nature shots and love the sweet wren photo!

    Happy Weekend to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  3. I've never seen squirrels damage a tree (although they DO nibble on a number of my ornamental plants!) but I found a site on line claiming that they will eat supple bark and young branches or new growth on trees. They appear to be true omnivores. Mine are currently engaged in picking unripe guavas and burying them as if they're nuts.

  4. I used to get so annoyed with starlings - because you're right, they consume everything in sight so quickly. But then I retired, and realized that I have better things to consume my energy!

    Thanks for visiting my blog recently (and apparently, often and thoroughly). To answer your questions, I get coffee without getting out of bed because I have a dear husband that brings it to me!!! And I keep a hiking journal with dates, location, length of hike, etc. because my aging brain certainly cannot remember it all!

  5. Hi KL..the red on my blog was a try for Valentine's Day, but I didn't like it.. Yes the starlings...In March hoards of returning grackles, red-winged blackbirds and starlings attack the feeders making a terrible noise..But I don't deny the food..I do make it a bit more difficult for them and make some small feeders just for the tiny birds..Michelle

  6. Long time ago when we used to feed birds in our Oregon yard, we could not put out suet, because when we did we would get an enormous flock of starlings and they would eat all of the suet and then all of the sunflower seeds and then we wouldn't get any other birds for days. When we only put out seeds, the starlings wouldn't come in those enormous flocks -- we might get one or two and I could handle that. So I don't really love starlings, not because they have to eat, but because they didn't give the other birds a chance! But that was in Oregon. Maybe they are different where you live!

  7. auch, raining, we had a lot of that. Loved the image of the wren.

    Re your question on my post, Eriksberg is in Sweden, South of Stockholm. :)

  8. I'm afraid around here spring has taken a dreadful beating. I am confident it will come back, though. We've had snow something like nine days out of the last ten!

  9. I like your line, “winter jumps back into the arena with mighty force.” It certainly did! Your photos are gorgeous! Thank you for visiting my Veteran’s post a while back. I took a long blog break but am back now and enjoying catching up.

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  11. I loved the pictures.
    Nice to meet your blog.

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