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MLK Quote

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


My Dear Hubby has built this greenhouse from scratch for me. It is made with 1/2 inch PVC pipes. So far, it has been sturdy against strong wind. Hopefully, it will withstand big blizzards. Of course, this is not a professional greenhouse and thus we can't grow plants that require hot temperature like tomatoes, eggplants or pepper. Temperature do drop inside during the night. However, we are growing plants that can withstand even below 20 degree Fahrenheit and these plants are thriving beautifully inside this greenhouse. The plants that are inside are leafy-lettuce (all kinds), spinach, mustard-green, fenugreek-green, celery, garlic, radish, chinese cabbage, beet, peas, swiss chard and some argula.

First Row: the greenhouse from outiside (left), the door to get inside the greenhouse (center), an inside portion of the greenhouse (right).
Second Row: more greens growing in a pot inside the greenhouse (left), pea on a pea-plant (center), another side inside the greenhouse (right).


  1. A very nice way to grow cool weather crops but to keep them going longer than the season allows.
    I am envious - I hope to have a hoop house next summer which is quite similar to your greenhouse.
    You asked about eating those Oregon Grape berries raw - not so much but the native people may have consumed it raw but in small amounts.

  2. Congratulation on having build a greenhouse! I always admire people, who grow their own vegetables and you seem to be able to harvest quite a bounty out of this little protected space even without heating. I won't mind to get some of your leafy lettuces :-)!

  3. Hi Organicgardendreams, Thank you for dropping by :-). Too bad - lettuce will not survive the cross-country travel in post :-).