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Monday, January 30, 2012

Some Indoor Blooms

I am so fed-up of the bleak, bare-boned, dry garden right now that I got these three primrose plants from the Whole Food; and, they were cheap too. Each plant cost $1.99; come spring and summer and each of these plants will cost anywhere between $4 -- $6!! I could not resist buying them for the price and the bloom; however, I took about 45 minutes, standing at a corner in the Whole Food Store, researching about the plant since I don't want any invasive species in my garden, however much beautiful the plants and flower might be. As I got home and opened my garden journal to write about my new plants, I realized that I already have a primrose in the garden! Darn for my poor memory for wasting 45 minutes researching about a plant that I already have in the garden.

I am finding that Primroses inside the house in pots require lots of watering; every two days the plants need to be thoroughly watered so the soil is completely moist. However, the plants should be not sitting in water. Once the plants are planted outside in the garden, then they really don't require any care; at least that's the case with my garden primrose. It sits nestled among the Lavender and Astilbe plants, getting whatever shade it requires from these plants, and flower profusely.

One of the indoor succulent plant is also ready to flower. It's flower looks BEAUTIFUL. Sorry I don't have any photo but I promise to take one next time it flowers. It seems like this plant flowers twice a year - spring and mid/late summer.

My Poinsettias are also going strong. How long do they survive? I read everywhere that these plants do not survive long and thus they are thrown out after Christmas. Of course, I am never going to throw them out. Plants from my house are thrown out (into the compost) only after they die. That's why I don't even uproot my weeds and feel too much pain when I dig out my root vegetables :-(. I guess this Hinduism/Jainism/Budhism upbringing, where no living creatures are to be harmed, is creating quite a havoc in my mind; now and then I feel like quitting gardening because I am finding it difficult to deal with aphid-problems as they need to be killed. Okay, enough of my mindless blabbering. Here are my Poinsettias:


  1. Hi there, I too hate killing anything in the garden so when it comes to aphids, which believe me are a huge problem here in Australia, I usually get the hose and wash them off my roses, I tried growing garlic plants around the roses but they seem fairly immune to them which is a shame.

  2. Beautiful blooms and yes I forget what is in my garden also.
    You will laugh but I use Neem oil for aphids. As you pointed out don't use too much but the dyna-grow neem oil and it has mixing instructions. I find once I use the spray, it isn't required too often.

  3. Oh, my goodness - I can't wait to see that succulent flower! How exciting!
    On another note, I also wanted to let you know: I am awarding you the Versatile Blogger award. You can read more about it at my post here: I hope you will accept it and have fun passing it on to others. Congratulations! :)

  4. Wow I had no ideas flowers could look so good, they are really colourful. It looks so friendly and inviting! :)

  5. Hi PerthDailyPhoto, thank you for visiting my blog. I have to honest and tell you that I have to kill those aphids and mites using soapy-water, etc, but it pains me a lot.

    Hi Bakingbarb, I should also get some neem-oil. In fact, I am thinking of buying a small neem-plant and trying to grow it in a pot; not sure if it will work as the tree is usually HUGE...

    Oh HolleyGarden, you have made my day :-). Thank You, thank you...thank you.......I will definitely accept and participate. :-).

    Hi Primrose :-), thank you for visiting; flowers do look beautiful. They indeed look very friendly and inviting and heavenly.

  6. Yup, I love browsing blogs and clicking on things I would of never even thought about, those looks so good I may have to learn gardening when I eventually have a garden of my own lol, keep up the good work :)