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Friday, December 8, 2017

Weekend Journal Page on Art

St.Germain is holding a weekend journal page on Art. I can tell that she is a great artist by looking at her writings, photos, art-work, etc on her blog. I love anything beautiful, artistic, creative be that be a painting, literature, graphic-design, poem, garden-design, culinary-presentation, dress, nature, whatever.

I am an amateur artist, and love painting especially using oil and acrylic. That's why I undertook the project of painting rooms in our house, and enjoyed it thoroughly though it's such a back-breaking job. Being a novice, I am really apprehensive about participating. But, giving it a try since that might force me to visit other artists' blogs and enjoy their work.

Here is a sunflower that I painted using acryclic. I then put it inside a cheap frame bought from Wal-Mart. It now adorns the top of our kitchen cabinets along with some vases and one of my other painting (the left-side one).


  1. Now I have posted the Weekend Journal Page, am here to admire your sunflower! Love your painting style. To link (so others can visit you), put your perma link in a comment of the Weekend Journal Page.
    I tried to explain in my email (but my Ipad doesn't link that well) that I have my weekly posts (Mon-Sat.), All Seasons meme (title of post always starts with "ALL SEASONS- weekly title)" from Sunday through Wed. evening 7 pm, and added the Weeekend Journal Page (slow-monthly start, and see what to do after the January post)
    You're the first for the Journal page - you have a lot of talent, lady:) Jazzed about your link-up!

  2. Your link is good - it takes me immediately to your post!
    But ... for blogspot people to be able to comment to you (and to even see your link, you need to put the link you used, in the NAVY BLUE part underneath my post (pass my small thumbnail: published by Jesh StG).
    Put your comment with the perma link in the white space, where it says: "Love your comment! For you on Blogspot ...etc."
    The way you did it now, only wordpress people can see it, and I expect more Blogspot people like you would want to link up:)
    Thanks for hanging in there!
    PS I got a failure notice for my email to you, so no internet issues on your side!

  3. Very nice and sunflowers are that, what we need just, such a warm glow in cold times.
    Found your link in the comment.
    Enjoy your weekend

  4. Hello KL, before I go to bed - I put your link in the Dec. 8 post (that is what I was trying to say in my previous comment, but now I changed that post, so if you would look at it, it would confuse anyone, so don't have to do anything, forget what I've said before!)

  5. I under stand the world Novice quite well. Maybe I didn't dabble in so many items I might actual become good at some thing.
    Coffee is on

  6. Lovely sunflower painting ~

    Happy Week ahead to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)