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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Garden Abundance

This year (2012) everything is coming early; flowers that are supposed to bloom in August-September are blooming now. The vegetable garden is also producing an abundant supply. This is true for most gardens in the north-east. Luckily drought has not yet touched us as it has done, unfortunately, in large parts of the US. I hope all of my garden-friends' gardens are doing well.

Our garden has also started producing a lot. There is an over-abundant supply of tomatoes; well, no wonder since I have grown about eleven tomato plants from seed :-). I have started looking into all sorts of tomato related recipes - tomato chutney, tomato jam, tomato pickle, frozen tomato, tomato paste, and so on - because once the tomatoes start becoming ripe, the house will be overflowing with them. There are also lots of garlic, onion, beans, cucumber, pumpkin, cabbage; gourd plants are flowering profusely; so are all the ridge-gourds, squash plants; okra and broccoli plants are growing strong day by day. All the various pepper plants are fruiting. The jerusalem artichoke plants are vigorously growing. Only, I have no idea about the potato plants. I don't think I will have much success with them. I am feeling especially proud because this year, for the first time, I have grown everything from seeds.

Now and then, I am going to the garden and picking up fresh things for salad. Yesterday I picked some beans, tomato, cucumber, lettuce, mint and lemon-balm, as you see in the bowl. 


  1. Looks like you're having a bumper harvest this year, those veggies looks superb!

  2. We in the PNW get a lot of rain but when summer starts there is not much rain if any, we end up with fire hazard although other parts of the state already have fires.
    Our summer is in full swing finally this month, whats in my garden are the cool weather veggies and they are producing beautifully - lettuce, peas, spinach, beets and carrots - we only have baby tomatoes so far and my green beans are just starting to grow - hot weather didn't arrive until July!
    Happy to see your garden is doing so well.

  3. Hi KL,
    Thanks for asking about me. Yes, I'm OK and will post soon. :0)
    Your vegetables look terrific and the flowers from the other post from June are gorgeous. You have so many kinds!
    My plant hospital is mostly a grow light and taking the plants in from the summer heat along with careful watering. I don't add nutrients since mostly it's a matter of the plant being water-stressed. They usually recover in a few days, but this one took a full week! Happy Summer. Hope your health gets better and better as you garden more and more. David /:0)

  4. Congratulation on having so much success growing from seeds this year! May all the good edible stuff keep on rolling into your kitchen.