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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

What a sad and eventful year and it is still continuing

It has been more than a year since I last wrote a post. And, within that time so many things happened to drastically change my life and outlook.

On March 10, 2019 my first son, my beloved Casper passed away. Casper died due to the wrong diagnosis of the first veterinarian to whom I was taking him. Casper's death has really affected Matt, another of my pet-doggy-son. He has grown so old within a year; his face has become much whiter. He has developed arthritis and drags his back legs behind. So, I need to medicate him and that makes him good. But, the medicine has other side effects; he doesn't see or hear properly. He can no longer walk long distance or stand for a while or climb up and down the stairs. I am also seeing a small tumor being developed in his mouth. I am now wondering if he will survive the next one year.

On March 14, 2019, we did the last rite for Casper. We cremated him. It was a beautiful ceremony at a beautiful place. They really did everything so nicely that it seemed like Casper was just sleeping. I did not get much time to mourn Casper before my father got admitted to ICU on March 20, 2019. I needed to rush to his side. He was on ventilation and was almost passing away. He recovered slightly and the doctors put him on tracheostomy tubes. He had Parkinson Disease and dementia. He was completely bedridden now with tracheostomy tubes through which he breath and he was also fed through some nasal tube; he was on catheter; he looked like a skeleton lying on the bed with all sorts of tubes going into him. It was awful to look at him. And, he was not here (in the USA) and thus I couldn't do much as medical laws, rules, techniques, everything is really backdated in the country where he decided to live. He suffered all those tortures and passed away on December 28, 2019.

The year 2019 was the year of death, not only the death of my beloved dog and my dearest father, but also of four colleagues, two close uncles and others. It was also the year when I lost my much-loved full-time job. I am a researcher and professor but my university decided to do restructure and thus it laid off more than 60% of all full-time faculties. Amidst all these sad and desperate time, I am glad that my partner and child are healthy and hearty and Matt is still here. My favorite garden with all its companions is also here. And, I hope it continues that way though 2020 is turning out to be worse as 2019 with Covid-19.

I am yet to overcome all the tragedies of 2019 and the coronavirus is not helping so far. But, spring is in the air. I hope my garden and this garden blog will all the required peace that I need.


  1. Oh your doggie is so sweet ~ and precious photo ^_^

    Be well ^_^
    A ShutterBug Explores

  2. KL - I have been faithfully checking your blog each week, and here you are at last. So sorry to hear about all the death you have seen in 2019. I do hope your garden will bring you peace and even joy. Maybe a few visits to bloggers will also help. You are in my prayers.

  3. KL..I am so sorry and I know how hard this is...I wanted to let you know that I have restarted Nature Notes meme...stay well...Michelle

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  5. I'm so sorry for your losses. Death anniversaries can be hard, and you have a big one coming up.

    I was unaware that an American hospital was in any way bound by the governmental rules of another country regardless of the wishes of the patient and/or the patient's family. I can't even make sense of this.

    This post is an object lesson regarding the callous immorality of people who use the blogs of others for their own agendas. It is why I go back and forth about approving comments on my own blog.