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MLK Quote

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Thursday, March 11, 2021

A Fresh Start

Another year has passed since I wrote my last post. The year has been hard not only me but on the whole world due to COVID. It was also the year when I lost my other four-legged son Matt on April 13, 2020.

As we took COVID seriously, we literally became (and more or less still is) a prisoner within the house. Anxiety, loneliness being cut off from other family members and friends, and depression were the common theme of 2020. Life is not sustainable in that way. So, we and especially me starting a fresh start in 2021. 

Gardening pushes depression away; writing brings in excitement and hope as I dream and plan about the garden. I hope to capture all those ideas here in my small corner of the blog-world. 

My daughter is now three-years-old, and has started understanding and enjoying the concepts of gardening, growing and outdoor space. She is also unlike any children who loves eating vegetables and especially if they are fresh and raw. She would try to pick up anything green and nibble (and that can be dangerous since plants can be poisonous). She also loves ladybugs, birds, flowers, bees and butterflies. So, our ultimate garden will be a child-friendly yard with lots of fresh produce and flowers and herbs to attract her favorite creatures to the garden. 

The garden has gone into complete neglect in the last three years since I got busy into taking care of a child, and handling all the death and depression. So, in the last three days I have taken the baby-steps: 
  • seeded about 22 coriander seeds indoor under the grow light
  • seeded about  40 broccoli seeds and put it outside to make them cold-hardy and strong
  • scattered lots of coriander seeds outside in some big flat containers, ideal for growing coriander/cilantro. Winter has not yet left and so the outdoor seeds will take longer to germinate. 
  • Cleaned up one of the beds; all the run-away strawberry plants from the bed has got re-planted in proper containers. 
  • Planted the seeds of some store-bought organic pepper that we love
  • Ordered 25 sweet potato slips from Fedco, and 
  • ordered lots and lots of tomato, eggplants and hot pepper plants from I love this place as they are local and grow everything by themselves. It is a good way to help local economy. 
I hope to slowly convert the front and backyard into one of those showy home-gardens shown on British TVs. 



  1. Been visiting blogs I haven't been to in a long time. So many have stopped blogging many have died. Glad to see your post. Wishing you the best

  2. KL - welcome back to blogging! I have been checking in faithfully every week, looking forward to your return! There is nothing like gardening to give one a fresh perspective! Here's to a wonderful spring and fabulous summer!